Our Mission

The Erie Catholic School System, in collaboration with the Diocese of Erie and in partnership with family and community, maximizes every child’s academic and spiritual potential through engaging learning experiences and the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, in a welcoming and safe environment.

Our Vision

Based on the principles of the Catholic faith, Erie Catholic will be the school system of choice by instilling in our students a strong moral character, skills for academic success, and a zeal for service to others.


The Diocese of Erie launched the Erie Catholic School System in July 2017 as part of Building in Truth and Love, the comprehensive plan for diocesan schools. It includes six Preschool through Grade 8 Catholic schools in the City of Erie and Millcreek, all of which have provided excellent Catholic education to Erie families for decades.

  • Blessed Sacrament

  • Our Lady of Peace

  • Saint George

  • Saint James
  • Saint Jude (formerly Our Lady's Christian)
  • Saint Luke

Erie Catholic schools are communities where educators and families nurture and shape children in the Catholic faith. Our students grow spiritually and intellectually amid a welcoming culture of respect, inclusiveness and shared values rooted in the teachings of Christ.

Across Erie Catholic’s six campuses, educators implement consistent curriculum at or above state standards, with an emphasis on increased expectations and measurable outcomes. Our schools customize learning to suit individual student needs, using proven Instructional practices that are student-centered, inquiry-based and hands-on. 

No longer operating as independent, parish-based schools but as a unified system, Erie Catholic provides consistent leadership, expertise, resources and accountability that strengthens all schools while enabling each to retain its unique community and traditions.


Erie Catholic School System Brochure