1:1 Technology

iPads and Chromebooks for K-8 students




The Erie Catholic School System will provide iPads or Chromebooks for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade.
This new 1:1 technology initiative provides additional learning opportunities for each student upon his/her return to school this fall.
Every kindergarten through second grade student will receive an iPad and every third through eighth grade student will receive a Chromebook.
The goal of this initiative is to enhance the classroom instruction and student achievement especially in the areas of writing, problem solving, reading, science and math.


There is more to know about the new 1:1 technology!

 Q: Why is it called 1:1 technology?

In the context of education, one-to-one computing (sometimes abbreviated as "1:1") refers to academic institutions that allow each enrolled student to use an electronic device. Erie Catholic School System will provide the electronic devices to students enrolled in K-8. 


Q: Can my child use her/his device at home for personal use?

While the iPads and Chromebooks are property of the school, there will be times when students will be expected to take the device home for school use as directed by the teacher/school. Use of the device is not for personal use, but for school use only (whether at home or school). Additional apps or downloads will not be supported on these devices.


Q: Will my child have homework on the device?

It is our goal to use the devices for the best classroom instruction and learning experiences for our students. It is highly encouraged for teachers to incorporate out of classroom experiences on the devices as appropriate.


Q: Are we going to use eBooks now that all children have a device?

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer instruction to our students. Erie Catholic will continue to evaluate curriculum and instructional materials for eBook and other online educational resources when and where possible.


Q: How often will the teachers and student use the devices in the classroom?

The technology team will continue to provide professional development and training for the teachers to enhance their daily classroom integration of instructional technology use with their students. The professional development and training will further support the engaging learning experiences and use of these devices for our students in the classroom every day. However, these devices are only one of many avenues that teachers are to use to engage students in learning.


Q: When will my child receive their device?

Students will be issued their devices within the first week of school. There will be an orientation for each student on the safety and responsibility of the device and review of appropriateness of Internet conduct. When devices are first sent home is dependent on teacher/school direction.


Q: Is there a cost to the families?

Chromebooks are funded through grant funding, technology funds and the technology fee.

iPads are funded through technology funds, the technology fee and a generous donation from Cathedral Preparatory School and Villa Maria Academy. The technology fee for 20-21 will be $50.00/student in Kindergarten – 3rd grade and $125.00/student in 4th – 8th grade. This fee supports the ongoing costs and upgrades to school Chromebooks, iPads, software, and all other instructional technology.

Q: Is there anything additional that I will need to buy for this device? Is there anything recommended that I need to buy with this device?

Erie Catholic has purchased covers for all iPads. The individual schools may require that students have earbuds, headphones or a stylus. Backpacks and book bags that are made to carry electronic devices are recommended if possible.

Q: Who is responsible for the cost of a broken device?

Parents and students will electronically sign a document outlining their commitment to the safety of the device. Broken devices will be examined for mistreatment and/or improper use or software/hardware issues. Devices broken due to mistreatment and/or improper use will be assessed to the family and not to exceed $350.00.

Q: What safety/security features are on the device?

Parent supervision is strongly encouraged when any child is using a device that interacts with the internet and/or a network. Any suspicious and/or out of the ordinary activity observed on the device, should be reported to the classroom teacher right away. All Chromebooks and iPads are managed by the Erie Catholic technology department. Student ability to download/install apps or extensions onto the devices will be disabled. Students in 4th – 8th grade will use their Erie Catholic login and password to access the Chromebooks.

Q: ​How are students protected from inappropriate content? 

While the Erie Catholic’s Internet filtering in our school buildings provides protection against questionable websites and/or applications, teachers and parents play a key role as well. Teachers should monitor device usage in class to ensure students stay on task. Parents should also check/monitor Internet browser history and social media activity.

Q: Will Erie Catholic preload devices with needed software and apps?

Devices will roll out with a standard set of applications and online resources. Microsoft Office and Google Classroom applications are among those available. Teachers can request additional class-specific downloads from the Erie Catholic Technology Department for their students.