Mission Statement

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Erie, in collaboration with family, parish and community, educate our youth to be well-informed citizens with critical thinking skills that well prepare them to live virtuous lives.

In faithfulness to the teachings of Christ and His Church, students will be invited to know, love, and serve God in order to evangelize in a global society.

Through a safe, nurturing environment, students are challenged academically, provided opportunities to explore the arts and athletics, and inspired to develop a heart that is open to service.


Belief Statements

  1. We believe that every child is a uniquely created gift from God graced with inherent dignity and worth.

  2. We believe that all students can best reach their fullest potential in a safe, nurturing and faith-filled environment.

  3. We believe that every student has unique strengths and talents and can excel in a rigorous, supportive environment.

  4. We believe that Prayer, the Sacraments and Christ-centered values permeate all that we do.

  5. We believe that a standard of excellence must be maintained in all academic areas.

  6. We believe that it is the shared responsibility of educators, family, parish and community to provide for the development of the whole child: spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional.

  7. We believe it is the responsibility of our schools to help students discern God's call for their life.

  8. We believe that students must develop the skills necessary to respond to God's call in a global society.

  9. We believe that everyone is called to serve others.

  10. We believe in the value of strategic planning and professional development as a means of continuous improvement.

  11. We believe that adherence to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and fidelity to the Bishop of the Diocese of Erie will create a community united on its journey to the truth.