Erie Catholic and St. Luke School recognize that athletics enrich students’ lives. With God and Christianity as a foundation, our mission is to foster academic excellence and enable students to reach their full potential in the classroom and in life. Therefore, students participating in inter-scholastic sports are expected to keep classwork as a first priority. That classwork includes their grades and the effort they are devoting to their school work along with their behavior. A major behavior infraction will result in the student athlete receiving a warning or an ineligible status. Eligibility Reports will be sent home three times a quarter; the beginning, the middle and end with the athlete during their sport's season. However a teacher will report to Mrs. Coletta when a student meets the eligibility requirements in the interum of updating grades.

Eligibility for our JV and Varsity athletes is as follows:

1.       Students receiving a 75% or below in any class or a 1 in a special class will be given a warning. A warning means that the child is failing and serves as notice to the athlete, parents and coaches that if corrective action is not taken by the student to improve their grades, they will find themselves in an ineligible status. A warning does let the child participate in their team’s games and/or practices.

2.       If the student raises their failing grade(s) 1 point or more, before the next eligibility report goes home, the student will be removed from the warning stage. The grade(s) must be raised by at least one point. It is the responsibility of the student to provide to Mrs. Coletta proof that the grade(s) has improved, not the parent.

3.       If the grade(s) do not improve or declines, the athlete will be ineligible to play or practice until the grade(s) improve. If a student is ineligible, it is the responsibility of the student to provide Mrs. Coletta proof that the grade(s) has improved, not the parent. This suspension will remain in effect until evidence of the improvement has been provided.

Ineligibility means the athlete cannot participate in a game, including play-offs, or practices.  Ineligibility is based on the students’ grades, not a decision made by the coach or the parent. The athlete may attend practice for observation purposes only so he or she does not fall behind on new plays and to support their teammates. The decision to have the athlete observe the practice is at the discretion of the coach and parent.