Our cafeteria feature hot homemade lunches every day. Children can choose from two or three entrees everyday along with PB&J. The cost of lunch is $2.60 which includes a choice of four different flavors of milk. If you child prefers to pack their lunch, they are welcome to. Students who pack can also purchase milk for $.50. Our cafeteria staff prepares the lunches in our own cafeteria but they also rely on your help. ****Adult volunteers are needed on a daily basis to help serve, scrap trays and wash tables. If you wish to help, please fill out the form below. Remember, you must have your clearances to volunteer. If you ever have any questions about our cafeteria and/or lunches, please contact our cafeteria manager, Mrs. Karen Warus at kwarus@eriecatholic.org or 825-7105 ext. 226.

***You are welcome to join your child for a Birthday Lunch on his/her birthday or half-birthday (for those summer children). We ask that you either purchase lunch from our cafeteria (cost is $3.30) or pack a lunch. If you choose to purchase ours, please send in a note to your child's teacher with your choice so we can have your lunch made. Please remember two things...the first being you MUST have your clearances to be able to participate in this program AND please no fast food.


***Due to Covid-19, we will not be having an parent volunteers or non-employee adults in our building until further notice. Thank you for you understanding!!