Our fully automated library has undergone major renovations resulting in our librarian overseeing a collection of over 14,000 holdings , which is continually increasing and directing all acquisitions. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade participate in Reading CountsTM, a national program that encourages students to read and aids in reading comprehension. Students in Pre-K through eighth grade visit the library weekly. Our librarian reads aloud to each class, which increases student reading fluency and through discussion helps develop critical thinking skills and building vocabulary.

Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club is run through the library and participated in by families if they wish to honor a student on his or her birthday by purchasing a book (from a list provided by the librarian or purchased on their own) and donating the book to the school library. Once processed, the book is given to the child on his or her birthday or half-birthday to browse through at their leisure at home. The book is returned to the school library when the child is finished with it. Last year, families donated over 140 birthday books to the library. These wonderful donations help to keep our collection up to date and the children are always thrilled to see their name on the donation plate in the book.