Our counselor is part of a Building Level Support Team at Saint Luke School. Our Guidance Counselor holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling and is certified in Secondary Guidance.

The counselor is on the premises four days each week and is always available on an as-needed basis. The counselor advises individuals and families, as well as provides referrals to Erie agencies and professionals who may be of particular help. She is a consultant to teachers and the principal and provides additional resources/tips for parents and families.

The counselor teaches classes, kindergarten through eighth grade, on topics of bullying, self-esteem, safety, health, friends, conflict resolution, drugs/alcohol, smoking awareness, suicide prevention, cross-age teaching, abstinence, dating violence, STDs, eating disorders, depression and internet safety. The counselor also provides numerous community resources for families who need such materials.

Saint Luke School values the expertise of a Guidance Counselor so that the complexities of academic, social, emotional and family issues are addressed in a timely fashion with the insights of a professional.