The sixth graders focus on the Holy Scripture, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church and the lives of the Saints. All students are involved in the planning and participating of weekly Masses and Family Liturgies. Students will live out their faith by engaging in a variety of service projects throughout the school year and are required to earn 16 service hours yearly. The middle school students participate in the Diocese of Erie Chastity Program.


Following Common Core State Standards, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students have a firm foundation in English grammar. Participating in a variety of activities designed to prepare students for future success, students are challenged to improve their writing and editing skills following a step-by-step process raising literacy achievement and helping students communicate more effectively. Students are introduced to classic literature. They are exposed to various genres, such as fiction, nonfiction, folktale, poetry and drama. Our goal is to help students improve their own writing as they discover, appreciate and analyze fine literature through the critical thinking process.

Success is evident with St. Luke students winning multiple local essay contests and having works published in the local newspaper. Many students have also had their works published in The National Anthology of Poetry. Saint Luke School has been named a school of “High Merit” and has been recognized as a “Poetic Achievement Honor School” for many years.


The curriculum focuses on teaching students the knowledge necessary to prepare them for life, as well as providing them with the skills needed to make sense out of the increasing volume of information in the world today. To help students become lifelong learners, our curriculum is designed to develop their abilities to question, read, analyze, interpret, and evaluate information, and to be able to communicate this information in an appropriate manner. The sixth grade curriculum focuses on the Western Hemisphere with a concentration on U.S. History 1: Early Americans through the Revolution.


The sixth grade focuses on Earth Science. They begin with learning about the features of the Earth and conserving our resources. Weather and astronomy are also studied.


Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students reinforce and expand their literacy through novels, short stories, poetry, drama, non-fiction, fiction and historical fiction. Students respond to literature allowing them to integrate knowledge and ideas, compare and contrast ideas in different forms and explain how authors develop different points of view. Students are taught to appreciate literature in all its various forms by analyzing various literary works. The children will closely examine the use of figurative language and adapt it in their writing styles.


Sixth, seventh and eighth grade math classes offer a variety of topics including integers, percentages, ratios, proportions, geometry, graphing and algebra. Algebra is the primary focus in our course of study and logical, algebraic thinking is established and developed. Students are administered a readiness test towards the end of their sixth grade school year. Based on those test results, determination is made to have students remain at their grade level concepts or to move at a faster pace to a Pre-Algebra course for their seventh grade year and Algebra 1 for their eighth grade year.