The main focus in our Religion series is learning the parts of the Mass, becoming familiar with the Sacraments and preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation which takes place in second grade.


The SUPERKIDS™ program includes a nice variety of stories. The students in kindergarten through second grade learn and grow with the characters in the series. The SUPERKIDS™ help us to learn spelling, grammar and writing skills. The students also have a weekly storybook or chapter book which they read and discuss with their book clubs. This allows the children to boost their fluency and reading comprehension. The SUPERKIDS™ program also allows the teachers to monitor the children’s progress with a variety of assessments.


Math is a challenging program that begins with a review of basic facts. The children are introduced to place values, counting money, addition and subtraction with regrouping, basic concepts in geometry and measurement and problem solving.



Science will focus on plants, animals, the Earth, space and the planets. They are also exposed to some Physical Science involving matter, motion and energy.

Healthy eating habits, personal health, injury prevention and safety and alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are the topics in health class.


Our handwriting program works hand in hand with the SUPERKIDS™ reading program. The series encourages the students to become better writers through daily practice. Cursive writing is introduced into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to learn the basic formation of letters which they will use in the daily writing process.


Communities are the main focus in social studies with the children learning the different types, who the members are and how a community works. We use a variety of materials to learn about urban, rural and suburban communities. We also touch on map skills such as directions and where we live. We strive to make learning hands on and exciting with events such as Constitution Day.