Religion has first grade identifying that Jesus was sent to us as a Gift from the Father. Jesus teaches us about the Holy Family and the Trinity. Students learn that God chose Mary to be the Mother of Jesus and will study the events that led up to Jesus’ birth and death. The children learn to celebrate God’s love and live their Faith. The first grade children participate in weekly Mass and have the opportunity to lead Mass during the school year.


Language Arts take our children from building on word identification skills to fluently reading and writing sentences and short stories. Phonics, spelling, and grammar are incorporated into our daily reading lessons through the SUPERKIDS™ Reading Program. Handwriting is incorporated into the school day through the daily routines of the SUPERKIDS™ program.


First grade children continue to develop basic skills and concepts of patterns, identifying and counting money, telling time, units of measurement and basic geometry. Manipulatives and hands-on activities enhance the learning of these concepts. Emphasis shifts to learning the math facts and students are introduced to the concepts of solving story problems. Skills are regularly practiced using the Simple Solutions workbook.


Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Space and technology are the themes that are taught in our science program. A unit on drugs is presented using the Too Good for Drugs Program which enables the presentation of information at an age appropriate level.



School, community and working to meet our needs and wants are the main focus of social studies. The Earth and its weather, land, water and resources are also discussed. The early travelers, Native Americans, symbols of our country, choosing leaders and celebrating holidays are also studied. Students also study our country and the world around us. Scholastic Weekly Readers also enhance the social studies program.