Sacraments are the focus of the fifth grade religion curriculum. In the studying of the Sacraments students are taught to see God’s grace, which is His life and love that is shared with us, and therefore celebrate a faith relationship with Him. We learn about God’s story of creation, the mystery of evil and how God destroys evil. Our covenant with the Lord is to listen to God’s word and obey His law. By doing this, our Lord promises to be with us always. All students participate in school-wide liturgies as lectors and gift bearers during Mass: some also participate in our music ministry. The Diocese of Erie Chastity Program is introduced in fifth grade.  


Fifth grade students read stories within a unit theme while learning the sequencing, generalization, compare and contrast, author’s purpose and main idea. Fifth grade English classes include content knowledge in parts of speech, sentence structure and paragraphs. Creative writing, vocabulary and speaking are also integrated. Our writing curriculum uses several types of writing, including narrative, persuasive and expository.


The fifth grade math program presents work in the four basic operations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Problem solving skills and strategies are presented and practiced throughout the year. The use of manipulatives offers hands-on experiences. Challenge 24 reinforces the concepts and skills. Internet sites are used for drills and practice of skills.


Fifth grade social studies focuses on Ancient Civilizations and regions of the world. Students look in depth at ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Greece and Rome. The children will learn about the geography, economies, history and important people associated with each civilization.  


Fifth grade students study matter- state, elements, atoms and molecules. They also study landforms, Earth changes, natural resources and weather. Fifth grade participates in the Diocesan Science Fair, as well as many labs and other science activities.