Saint Luke School is a Roman Catholic school offering education for elementary school (grades 1 through 5), middle school (grades 6 through 8), fulltime kindergarten and preschool. St. Luke School was founded in 1955 by Monsignor Robert D. Goodill with the help of the Sisters of Mercy. We focus on each child in a value-centered Catholic community within a safe and nurturing environment facilitating learning for life. Academics are integrated with the students' development of a deep sense of care and consideration for others. Our committed, experienced faculty is dedicated to enhancing students' learning, self-esteem, spiritual development and self-discipline. St. Luke School enjoys strong family involvement and volunteer participation that creates a cooperative community spirit. An SLS education offers each student opportunities to develop interpersonal and leadership skills along with a love of learning, in addition to personal, religious and civic responsibility and self-discipline.