The Physical Education Curriculum at St. Jude is sequential through the years.  The focus is on activities that can keep the student physically active, engaged, and healthy as they move through life.

A combination of individual, group, and team activities are presented, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Instruction in correct fitness form is given beginning in the primary grades, and by middle school, students create their own warm up activities.  Heart rate monitoring is included in the instruction, and students create their own goal for target heart rates based on fitness goals and desired outcome.  By the end of the school year, each student has created a 20 minute, personal workout that combines cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength exercises.

In addition to personal fitness, the following sports and activities are covered:

1.)    Soccer,
2.)    Badminton,
3.)    Volleyball,
4.)    Dance,
5.)    Basketball,
6.)    Tennis,
7.)    Hockey,
8.)    Group Games, &
9.)    Team Building Games.

*Weather permitting, outdoor winter activities-snow shoeing.