Math Enrichment seeks to develop a deeper understanding and mastery of operations with decimals, fractions and integers.  We also continue to build on their understanding of geometry and measurement, analyzing two and three-dimensional relationships and use of the Pythagorean Theorem.  Another major concentration is in the development of proportional reasoning and use of percent.  They also work with expressions and equations to solve problems.  All if this will lay a strong foundation for higher level mathematics encountered in high school and beyond.

Teacher Bio:

Terry Ferarra

I received both my B.S. in Secondary Education and my M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Penn State with additional course work from SUNY at Fredonia and Gannon University.  Most of my teaching experience has been in public schools in Pennsylvania and New York including 33 years at North East High School where I taught Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Computer Applications and Computer Programming. After retiring (boring!), I was asked to teach part-time, first at St. Andrew’s and then at Our Lady’s Christian School (now St. Jude School) where I have been accelerating middle school students in math and coaching the MATHCOUNTS team.  The rest of my time is spent is with my son or my three cats or singing in St. Andrew’s Choir or enjoying the Erie Bayfront.