This year in art the main goal is to learn the "basics" in art.  The elements of design: shape, color, line, texture, space and value.

The Middle School will go more in depth with the Principles of Design: unity, variety, balance, rhythm, movement, contrast, emphasis, proportion, pattern and repetition.

They will be given an assignment to study one of the major artist known and make a power point to present to the class.


Teacher Bio: 

Mrs. Debbie Kuhn


My background is very unique, I have a Bachelor Degree in Foodservice Management and Pastry Arts.  I owned the Cake Carriage for 12 years and still enjoy keeping my toes in it.  I have twins, Elizabeth and Michael, who attended St. Luke's school and are now seniors at MPS.  I love watching them in soccer, rowing and the arts.  My family travels every summer to exciting new places.  Your children have heard many stories about my lovely dogs Buster and McNally.   I was the soccer coach at St. Luke's for 4 years when my children attended there.   I'm the coordinator for the MPS Grade School Soccer Tournament that takes place in March, along with being involved in the Baking Club and Rowing Club at MPS.