Second Grade is a year of building and strengthening abilities.

  • Students expand and develop advanced Reading skills. We study word decoding, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. Writing skills are practiced on a daily basis.
  • Students develop proficientcies in all the branches of Mathematics, especially the memorization of addition and subtraction facts. We combine Reading and Math in order to understand and solve word problems.
  • In Religion, we focus on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is a high point for our Second Grade students. We work all year preparing for this special day. First Reconciliation is celebrated in early Spring.
  • In Science, we cover many areas including life science, physical science, Earth science as well as drug and alcohol awareness. The students enjoy the various hands-on activities.
  • Students broaden their concept of the world in Social Studies. We focus on communities while developing map skills. 
  • Every second grader eagerly anticipates Cursive handwriting. Students begin cursive after a thorough review of manuscript handwriting.