Second Grade is a year of building and strengthening abilities.

  • Students expand and develop advanced Reading skills. We study word decoding, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. Writing skills are practiced on a daily basis.
  • Students develop proficientcies in all the branches of Mathematics, especially the memorization of addition and subtraction facts. We combine Reading and Math in order to understand and solve word problems.
  • In Religion, we focus on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is a high point for our Second Grade students. We work all year preparing for this special day. First Reconciliation is celebrated in early Spring.
  • In Science, we cover many areas including life science, physical science, Earth science as well as drug and alcohol awareness. The students enjoy the various hands-on activities.
  • Students broaden their concept of the world in Social Studies. We focus on communities while developing map skills. 
  • Every second grader eagerly anticipates Cursive handwriting. Students begin cursive after a thorough review of manuscript handwriting

Teacher Bio:


2A Mary Conti

Mrs. Conti graduated from Edinboro University with a degree in Elementary Education with concentrations in Math and Computer Science.  She also has a Master's Degree in Education. Mrs. Conti has been an educator in the Erie Catholic School System for over 30 years, and the majority of those years have been in the Second Grade.  This is her thirteenth year teaching you at St. Jude School.


2B Emily Kunik 

Graduated from Gannon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Special Education and a Master's Degree in Education with a concentration as a Reading Specialist from Gannon University. I have been working here at St. Jude School for six years, but altogether I have worked in the educational field for over ten years. In addition, I teach second grade Religious Education here at St. Jude. "The best thing about teaching is watching the children grow and become successful as they use what they have learned from my class. Knowing they will continue to use these skills in the years to come is rewarding."