4th Grade

In their 4th grade year, the students will be learning about a variety of topics across the different disciplines in the subject of science.  Students will begin the year with physical science learning the basics of physics and chemistry as well as how to apply the scientific method in lab experiments.  As the year goes on the students will return to the scientific method often during their studies of the human body, meteorology, and biology.  The students will also be participating in the STEM Expo as part of their fourth grade year, details on that will become available later in the year.

5th Grade

In their 5th grade year, the students take environmental and earth science as well as begin the health curriculum to be continued in their 6th grade year.  Environmental and earth science will cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to ecosystems, habitats, the Earth’s resources, geology, and the formation of the Earth itself.  An additional cornerstone of the 5th grade science program in the past two years has been a series of field trips to emphasize the importance of being an environmentally aware and responsible individual.  The students also participate in the Diocesan Science Fair which is required for all students in grades five and six.