The Reading/Literature Curriculum in 4th and 5th grade shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. Students read both stories and novels and investigate the 10 important elements of a story; setting, character, character attitude, major events, problem, 3 main events, solution, and conclusion. Students read both fiction and non-fiction text. In order to interpret informational text students will employ the use of active reading strategies such as Annotation of Text, Double Entry Journals, Outlining, Graphic Organizers and T Charts. Discussion is key to comprehension and in order to facilitate this skill students engage in Flexible Cooperative Learning Groups and the Socratic Discussion Process. 

Students are encouraged to read independently for 20 minutes a day and maintain a log of this reading. This reading log is maintained in their Reader/Writer Folders. 

Teacher Bio:

Marcia Carone

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree, with a dual certification in Early Childhood and 
Elementary Education from Edinburg University. Currently holds an Instructional II, Permanent Certification with the State of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Carone has continued to grow professionally, participating in graduate studies at both Gannon University and Edinboro University.  Ms. Carone has served on both the Language Arts and Science Curriculum Committees for the Diocese of Erie. She is a past recipient of the Erie Reading Council Grant. Ms Carone developed a Language Arts Thematic Unit on Baseball for her students with this grant. Ms. Carone has facilitated workshops in the Meadville and Erie areas, as well as in Harrisburg, at the University of Pittsburgh, and at George Washington University in Washington DC. Ms. Carone was a Field Test Teacher in the development of the BirdSleuth Curriculum through Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology and has continued working with the Lab of Ornithology to maintain and revise this curriculum. Ms. Carone has been a teacher in the Diocese of Erie for the last 28 years.

Ms. Carone is an avid birder and enjoys photographing the birds she studies, while roaming the trails at Presque Isle State Park. Her main focus of study is the Great Blue Heron. Ms Carone also enjoys spending time with her family and three cats.