Grade 4

This curriculum includes the writing process, research, study of word parts and origin, spelling and grammar.

The writing process is used to emphasize specific types of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive.

Research to build and present knowledge, and collaboration practices are included.

Morphology is another component. Students learn Greek and Latin word parts and meanings used in everyday life.

Conventions of English and grammar in reading, listening, speaking and writing are highlighted and practiced.

Focus is placed on skill development for reference materials such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and glossary.


Grade 5

In ELA students engage in various writing activities that enable them to develop and maintain their understanding of the writing process and also develop an understanding of standard grammar usage in these writing practices. The students regularly work in a Writers Workshop Format that challenges the students to write prompts following the writing process that includes creating pre-writing charts and graphs, writing multiple rough drafts, revising and editing these writing exercises through peer and teach conferences, whisper reading, and finally producing a published piece of writing. The writing prompts include narrative, persuasive, expository/informational prompts and are connected to the novels read in class. These writing activities are maintained in the Student Reader/Writer Folders. These folders stay in the classroom and serve as a portfolio of student writing progress throughout the school year. 

The students are required to complete 2 formal writing prompts assessments each year. These assessments are conducted in the winter and spring of the school year.  

In Vocabulary students will follow a specific process for developing  spelling and vocabulary skills by identifying words in context, defining words, researching synonyms, antonyms, and the etymology of the words, with word bubbles,  while using the vocabulary words in original sentences. All vocabulary work is kept in the students Double Entry Journals.