First grade has a focus on beginning language arts and math skills. Students will learn decoding skills through phonics activities. Students also will focus on comprehension, fluency, spelling, handwriting, sight words, and vocabulary work. During math we will explore concepts of addition and subtraction fluency, word problems, measurement, calendar skills, geometry, telling time, counting coins, and analyzing data and graphs. 
In Science, we will explore many different areas including life science, physical science, and earth science. Children will dissect owl pellets, grow their own sunflowers, perform interesting experiments and watch as caterpillars transform into butterflies just to name a few exciting activities! In Social Studies, we will explore being a good citizen, our community and world, needs and wants, American Symbols, our five senses and holiday traditions. 

During first grade we embed religion into our daily routine along with having a daily religion class and attending weekly Mass. Children will learn to memorize the Glory Be, Hail Mary, the Our Father, and how to bless themselves. We will learn how we are all children of God. During Lent we make a special effort to learn the Stations of the Cross. We practice and perform Living Stations with help from middle school lectors. We have performances for the school and the parish. The students always impress with their amazing ability to portray the Stations of the Cross. 

Throughout the school year first grade has the opportunity to engage in many exciting activities. We will visit Port Farms, usually venture out to a play or musical, along with ending the year with special memories made at the WLD Ranch!

First grade is bound to be a very special year of learning and fun for your child at St. Jude!