Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade social studies classes each maintain their own areas of focus throughout the school year.

  • Sixth grade begins with the migration of humans from Asia to the Americas and continues next to the importance of the Americas’ development until their European colonization.
  • Seventh grade begins its focus on the creation of the United States, devoting special attention to American government through the struggle of the Civil War.
  • Eighth grade concentrates on the World Wars along with the conflicts in both Korea and Vietnam.
  • Throughout each class, lessons are devoted to geography, current events, analyses of primary documents, and critical thinking.

Teacher Bio:

Kelsey Simonsen   

Miss Simonsen has a BA in History and an MS in Secondary Education, both from Mercyhurst University. She taught Modern American History and AP United States Government at Strong Vincent in its final year as a high school, as well as a year of Spanish I at Erie High School. In college, she studied abroad in Belize where she toured many Mayan ruins and learned about aquatic ecology.  She has also traveled to places like Greece, the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Mexico, and to many states with her family throughout the years.  Her travels enable her to teach about various cultures, histories and geography with hands on experience.