Education is the vehicle to explore and expand one’s mind, body and soul.  Currently, I am teaching grades 6th, 7th and 8th graders in the area of Science.  Curriculum deals with the physical and chemical in 8th grade, biological and environmental in 7th grade and a general overview of the physical, living, chemical and ecological components in 6th grade.

Teacher Bio:  Sr. Katherine Horan, OSB

 Sr. Katherine ia a Benedictine Sister of Erie, who has been in the field of education from Pre-K to adulthood for the past 30 years.  Twenty-four years of my experiences have been with middle school students.  As my classroom experiences are inclusive, so are my areas of certification and degrees.  Sr. Katherine holds many degrees:  associate, two Bachelors of Science, a Master’s in Education and certificates in a variety of content and program areas.