There are some common threads woven throughout the Middle School Religion curriculum.  Each class will take turns planning the whole-school, weekly Liturgies. They will actively participate with student readers, cantors, altar servers, gift bearers, etc. The students will be exposed to different types of prayer forms used by the Catholic Church.  They will have daily classroom prayer time and will use a prayer journal. They will also explore Christian role-models by reading about the lives of the Saints. The students will use their gifts and talents to volunteer for Parish activities and to minister to those in need by performing service hours.  These grades will also be involved in seasonal devotions and activities within the Church calendar.  

6th Grade

In sixth grade we will focus on the books of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments.  We will explore our call to holiness by studying the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, the Beatitudes, and the precepts of the Catholic Church.


7th Grade

In seventh grade we will study the New Testament especially each of the four Gospels and explore their unique literary styles.  We will study the Catholic creeds and the Marks of the church.  We will also study in depth, the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.


8th Grade

In eighth grade we will study the major events and divisions in our church history.  The students will practice moral decision making by using the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Church.  They will explore the impact these decisions have on self and others.