6th Grade:

                6th grade focus on understanding the primary elements of fiction such as characters, setting, and plot.  6th Grade also explore a variety of genres including fantasy, historical fiction, and realistic fiction.   Common characteristics of non-fiction texts are also explored.


7th Grade:

                7th grade delves deeper into each of the elements of fiction and look at how they work together to create an intriguing story.  The primary focus is on how the characters and their traits affect the rest of the book.  A variety of genres are read to demonstarte that each genre still includes the cooperation of the primary elements of fiction.


8th Grade:

                8th grade focuses on thinking deeply about the book and how each element creates an impact on the reader.  8th focuses highly on themes of books and how they can apply and relate to our world.  8th grade collaborates with History on a World War II/Holocaust Unit in the middle of the year, focusing on non-fiction readings and true stories of events of the Holocaust.


All  students are asked to participate in a Book Challenge.  The students selected a number of books to read for this school year, and are challenged to meet their book goal by June.  Students are given SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) once a week for at least 20 minutes to work toward their book goal.


Teacher Bio: 

Emily Shambaugh

Emily Shambaugh has been teaching in the Catholic Schools for 5 years.  She has taught English/Literature for her entire stay at St. Jude/OLCS.  She is currently enrolled in a Masters of Reading program at Gannon University, and will finish her degree in May.  When not teaching, Emily will be found with her family, her husband Dan and her son Colton.