How does my gift help?

Your donation provides a lasting gift to the children of St. Jude School. By supporting the faith-based mission of SJU, you become a partner in providing a solid, well-balanced, faith-filled education that will enrich students throughout their life. Your belief in Catholic education helps to continue and ensure a legacy established by the Sisters of St. Joseph, founders of St. Jude School  more than 55 years ago. With your help, our school will continue to educate future generations. In short, your gift touches the future in endless ways.

A donor may restrict his/her gift to St. Jude School in the list provided below:
  • Art Department
  • Literature
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Library
  • Math Department
  • Music Department
  • Science Department
  • Social Studies Department
  • Technology Department
A gift of $10,000 will entitle the donor to enrollment in the Raider Legacy Society.