What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a fundraising program that allows you to purchase gift certificates, also called SCRIP, at a discount and sell them for full face value, creating a rebate on the difference. You WILL NOT be spending more than what the certificate is worth (i.e. you write a check for $100 in grocery certificates, you receive $100 worth of certificates, yet you have just earned a rebate for yourself and OLC. Read on…


How do I buy the SCRIP certificates?

Click here and register using St. Jude School's enrollment code 4472EB123816. Choose the items you want, follow the directions on the web site. When completed with your order print out your receipt and send it to the school office by 9am Tuesday with your payment. Under normal circumstances you will have you’re item by Friday that same week.


Who do I call with questions?

Teresa Sipple