A Message from the Principal


Catholic Schools Week

Even though our Catholic Schools Week was cut short, we had many exciting activities for our school students and staff.  On Monday, we celebrated the Middle School Great Mass at Our Lady of Peace with our Erie Catholic sister schools and Mother Teresa Academy.  Many of our priests and pastors attended and the students did a great job leading the various parts of the Mass.  The following 8th graders represented St. James at the Mass:  Brady Meyer was an altar server, Matt McHenry read the intercessions, and Sophia Karney and Brendan Burch were cantors.  It was a beautiful celebration led by Bishop Persico.  His homily was about unity – being one with God.

In the afternoon, grades K – 5 had their own special Mass with Father Ferrick from St. Peter Cathedral.  The teachers were the special participants doing the readings, carrying up the gifts and cantoring.  Fr. Ferrick was very impressed with our students’ singing and participation.  He told us that he would love to be at St. James in the future.

On Tuesday, we celebrated our Rainbow of Colors.  The students wore a class-chosen colored shirt.  When we met in the gym, the effect was amazing.  We had grade level Spelling Bees and focused on performing and observing acts of kindness.  Each class made a mailbox for notes that were written by our students and staff recognizing the acts of kindness we have observed within our school.

In the evening, we had our annual Family Night.  About 400 parents and children attended.  The children really enjoyed the games.  Our dinner was delicious.  Thanks to our cooks who baked the cakes!  The talent show was a big hit – with a flutist, dancers, singers, a martial arts demonstration, a comedian, and even a magician!  Thank you to our entire faculty and staff for all of their help and for donating all of the door prize items.

Due to the weather, we did not have school on Wednesday or Thursday.  When we returned on Friday, we celebrated our Volleyball for Veterans.  Our families have been so generous bringing in items for the needy and homeless veterans.  The students and staff enjoyed our Faculty vs 8th Grade volleyball game.  Before the game, we had a Pep Rally led by our JV and Varsity cheerleaders.  Our 4th graders won the Spirit Award this year for being the loudest cheering section.  Peter Parker (Mr. Blais) made an appearance as Spiderman before the games began.  Even though the Evil Villain (Mrs. Brennan) tried to thwart the teachers’ team, Spiderman saved the day and his co-worker (Mrs. Kern). 

The games were very exciting and close.  The teachers ended up winning with a total score difference of 5.

We held the rest of our Spelling Bees and Academic Challenges this week.  The following students were the winners and runner-ups for the Spelling Bees:


          Grade                 Winner                          Runner-Up


              1                      Buay Pur                       Ella Grabowski

              2                      Jacob McMahon       Lilly Portenier

              3                      Georgina Zavada      DeAndre Aukett

              4                      Laurel Brisson               Layla Vandervort

              5                      Christopher Ramos    Kaleb Danowski

              6                      Payton Hyman           Noah Wagner

              7                      Collin Harris                  Dominick Scarpino

             8                       Brendan Burch           Samuel Praetzel




The winners and runner-ups for the Academic Challenges were:


          Grade                 Winner                          Runner-Up


             KA                    Gabriel Rodriguez      Zadell Silva

             KB                     Jeanna Reynolds       Charley Hamilton

              1                      Allison Becerra            Kyleigh Scutella

             2A                    Jorge Barrios               Samuel Otto

             2B                     Caleb Sidelinger        Shaffer Fallon

            3A                     Dupreem Coleman   Georgina Zavada

             3B                     Jillian Hlifka                  Kaycee Roward

              4                      Sophia Swanseger     Leah Taylor

             5                       Max Benes                   Gavin Lane

             6A (Eng)         Payton Hyman           Morgan Sigler

                   (Soc St)     Payton Hyman           Morgan Sigler

             6B (Eng)          Jasmine Boring           Cayden Miller

                   (Soc St)     Cayden Miller             Noah Wagner

              7   (Eng)          Collin Harris                  Joseph Althof

                   (Soc St)     Collin Harris                  Sara Chase

              8   (Eng)          Jacob Eastbourn       Samuel Praetzel

                   (Soc St)     Alivia Pasierb              Dipen Khadka

              8   (Acad)      Samuel Praetzel





Overall, it was a wonderful celebration for Catholic Schools and St. James.  It is what Catholic Schools are all about – building strong moral character, promoting academic success and performing service for others!


With faith in our future and God’s blessings,


Mrs. Lisa Norton