St. James School not only publishes but lives its Mission Statement. We see it reflected in the nature and quality of experiences offered to students and their families on a daily basis. The St. James “we care” philosophy enriches us all.

St. James was as much a second home and second family to us as it was a school. Within its walls, we were supported, nurtured, challenged, encouraged to explore different activities and interests. We were inspired to be involved and helpful parish and community members, not just good students. Now, as we watch our children grow through this same experience at SJS, we are particularly gratified by the dedication and commitment of the sisters and lay faculty to the well-being and spiritual development of each child.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my son is getting a first-rate education at St. James School. In addition to opportunities to excel, he also gets chances to participate in a range of activities where he doesn’t have to be the best in order to be valued. I can count on St. James School to challenge and nurture my son, and to reinforce the Christian values that he gets from me as a parent. There are many excellent schools in our region; of them St. James is the absolute best.

My child is privileged to be a part of the learning community that is Saint James School. The teaching staff is interested in new and innovative ways to teach academics. Whether it is through using the latest technology or contests, they keep the children actively engaged in learning. More importantly, I see Saint James as a place that focuses on the whole person, a child who is growing spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I believe the environment provided fosters this growth in all areas of my child’s life. Through the SIGN Program (Service in Jesus’ Names), the students learn community outreach, the importance of teamwork and service to others. The energy and dedication of the parents are also an undeniable and important part of our school. Having recently changed schools, I can clearly see the difference here. I am proud to say my child is a student of St. James School.

We are so happy we chose St. James. Our experience with the sisters and lay faculty has been excellent. The school has a clear dedication to student well-being, growth, and moral standing. It feels good to have such confidence in the people that are with our kids day in and day out nine months of the year. We can see that the school will have lasting positive effects on our children. We’re very glad that we choose this school.