February News Letter



After “Chillin’ with a Cool Book” during January we have opened a box of “Sweet Reads” in February! While our favorite and ever-popular books are still around students will expand their reading realm when introduced to new authors and not-so-familiar books. Recently, Pre-school through Third Grade enjoyed the reading of Frozen Floppies by John Hope. We received a signed copy from the author himself!

Throughout the Library classes, all students are made aware of the essence and purpose of a Library. The instruction and activities include learning and exhibiting proper etiquette and behavior towards the Library contents and facility. The utmost care of “checked-out” books is greatly appreciated! An emphasis of reading, at the student’s level and beyond, is a high priority.

Library books are great ways of celebrating birthdays and/or providing memorials of loved ones. If you are interested in purchasing an appropriate book, please email me and relay the dollar amount you wish to spend along with the book genre. I will be glad to research and order a book!

We welcome new and current hardback books for Pre-school through Middle School. While paperbacks are more economical, the hardbacks withstand the “wear and tear” of constant borrowing.

We are most grateful for the following recent book donations:

From Mrs. Norton – The Bible: A Story of Easter and All of Us

5-Minute Bible Stories

From Mrs. Benek – Smiles to Go by Jerry Spinelli

Firegirl by Tony Abbott

From an Anonymous Donor –

Snow by Roy McKie & P.D. Eastman

I Can Read Series Adventures of Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff

I Can Read Series Super Heroes Collection by DC Comics

Ready to Read Series Adventures of Katy Duck by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Ready to Read Series Kay Thompson’s Eloise: The Adventures of Eloise story by Lisa McClatchy

I Survived Series: The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967 by Lauren Tarshis

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

Drama by Raina Telgemeier

The Library has an area devoted to “Maker Space” activities which enhance skills of problem-solving, spatial management, critical thinking, and creativity. This center is an extension of the “Maker Space” developed as part of Technology class. Both areas coincide with the learning methodology of STREAM (Science, Technology, Religions, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

Mrs. Petrarca


Move over snow trees and snow people! Make room for colorful creations of February’s art! We’re leaping into an array of projects to warm our hearts and reflect our skills.

Besides the many heart-felt artworks, students in Kindergarten and first grade will experiment with the color wheel and the color spectrum. The second graders will develop their drawing skills while third-graders discover the art of Vincent van Gogh.

Students in fourth grade will create delicious interpretations of old-fashioned sundaes. Fifth graders will expand their imaginations when introduced to the quirky architect/artist, Hundertwasser. The sixth grade will concentrate on the art concept of color schemes while seventh graders learn about and create clay (Yes! I said clay!) gargoyles from the Middle Ages. Finally, eighth graders will create plaster masks interpreting their birth month.

Please take a moment to view the wonderful masterpieces displayed on the school’s West corridor walls! The artwork is ever-changing and will delight your creative heART!


Mrs. Petrarca


Students in KA have started writing their last names along with their first names. They have learned that only the first letters of names need to be capital. It is challenging for some children who have longer names, but they have all been putting in a good effort. In February we will celebrate the 100th Day of school and Valentine’s Day with fun themed activities and books. The students are working through the “Too Good for Drugs!” program in health and they are learning about activities that will keep their bodies healthy. They recognize that God gave us our bodies to do good things.

Mrs. Srnka


“Love is in the Air” and students in 2A are spreading their love for reading with their younger friends in preschool and Kindergarten. Reading to others has many benefits! It models fluent reading for others. It improves vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. Lastly reading to others builds social skills and prepares students for public speaking.

In January students in second grade read a story about two good friends who built a robot. As an extension of the story, students, along with the help of their families, brainstormed ideas and materials to construct a robot of their own. Students also wrote a short presentation about their robot to share with their classmates. The robots were on display during Catholic Schools Week.


Mrs. Hall


Preschool was quite excited about Catholic Schools Week! We began the week with a prayer service with Pre 3 thanking God for our wonderful school. We also shared a story about St. James the Greater, for whom our school is named. Throughout the remainder of the week,c we had activities celebrating our Catholic schools including our faith focus on Caring and Sharing, family night and relay games. We are so fortunate to be a part of St. James School!

Mrs. Kendzior