Saint George School has many options available to help families fund their child's academic experience. 

We are grateful for the generous donors who help make financial assistance possible for our students in need.

Last year, Saint George Catholic School provided more than $70,000 in scholarship funds to families desiring a Catholic education for their children.

Financial assistance is available for families with children in preschool through grade 8 and can be obtained from the Diocese and/or in-house sources.

What determines a family's eligibility for assistance?

Financial awards are determined by a formula that encompasses many factors, such as family income, size, and expenses. Families that submit an application and qualify for financial aid assistance are notified of their award by letter in June.

How much of the student body receives financial aid?

Currently, Saint George Catholic School is able to award financial assistance in the form of grants to approximately 25% of our school families.

What types of financial aid are available?

  • The Star Foundation:
    • The Star Foundation grants are funded by business contributions through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and distributed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie. If your business is interested in finding out more about EITC, please contact our school office at 814-864-4821 for more information.
    • The STAR Foundation is a needs-based scholarship program that provides tuition assistance to students who enroll in a Catholic School in grades K - 12. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the income guidelines as dictated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  
  • Saint George Tuition Angel Scholarship Program:
    • The Saint George Tuition Angel Scholarship Program was created in 1995 with the hope of responding to the call for tuition assistance. This program is funded by contributions from our Saint George School and parish members, as well as friends of the Saint George community. As a community-oriented school, we want to offer a faith-based Catholic education to those students who wish to attend a Catholic elementary school.

How do I get started with applying for financial aid?

Applications for both types of financial aid are available in the school office or click here for access to the Financial Aid Application. The STAR Foundation/Bishop’s Tuition Assistance program application must be submitted directly to the Diocese in March. The Diocese requires a $15 fee to apply for aid. Only one diocesan aid application is required per family, regardless of the number of children. The Tuition Angel application is due to the school office by May 15. For more information about Tuition Angel Scholarships, contact the school office at 814-864-4821. You may also want to inquire with your Pastor about scholarship options within your parish. Some parishes have grants available for families to help offset tuition costs for Catholic education.