At Our Lady of Peace Preschool, we believe that all children deserve to begin their education in a safe, loving, and positive learning environment. Our early childhood education program nurtures the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child. This growth is fostered through a structured program rooted in Catholic values.

It is also our intention to create an atmosphere where the children will love coming to school to learn and grow as individuals and as learners. The children participate in many enriching "centers" throughout the day to help enhance their socialization skills, their "play" that is essential to forming the whole child, along with specific academic skills.


  • Help children develop a love of God and others
  • Show self control by following classroom rules
  • Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas through language, gestures, and actions
  • Provide Kindergarten preparation in a loving, caring, Catholic environment
  • Develop friendships
  • Learn to share and cooperate with others
  • Help children experience the joy of learning


Spiritual Development
-Develop a love of God, self, and others
-Learn simple prayers and spiritual songs
-Participate in short, spontaneous prayer experiences
-Learn Catholic values through Bible stories, discussion, and plays
-Develop an understanding of liturgical seasons and celebrations

Social and Emotional Development
-Learn to share, take turns, use good manners, and clean up
-Follow directions
-Recognize feelings of self and others
-Express emotions in appropriate ways

Physical Development
-Develop large motor skills including balance, strength, and coordination
-Develop small motor skills including coloring, tracing, gluing, painting, stringing, cutting, lacing, assembling puzzles, and forming shapes, numerals, and letters

Intellectual Development
-Develop speaking, listening, and thinking skills
-Increase vocabulary and comprehension skills
-Develop pre-reading skills
-Print awareness
-Rhyming words
-Letter names/sounds
-Develop pre-math skills
-One-to-one correspondence
-Identification of shapes and numerals

Music and Art
-Learn songs, rhymes, and finger plays
-Participate in dance and creative movement
-Play rhythm instruments
-Use wide variety of materials to encourage creative self-expression