The School Advisory Committee provides the leadership necessary to ensure the total Christian development of the students of Blessed Sacrament School. It accomplishes this through recommendations, which will assist the administration of the school and by acceptance of specified duties and responsibilities as set forth in their Constitution. The School Advisory Committee acts as an advisory body to the Pastor, the Principal, the faculty, the parents and all those committed to excellence in the education of our children.

Members of the Blessed Sacrament School Advisory Committee are:

  • the Pastor
  • the Principal
  • a School Faculty Representative (ex-officio)
  • two appointed members-one appointed from the Blessed Sacrament Parent-Teacher Council and one appointed from the Blessed Sacrament Ushers’ Society (ex officio)
  • seven selected members from the Parish

Monthly meetings are held from August to June and are announced in the School and Parish bulletins.