Grades Kindergarten through Eighth

  • Monsignor Connelly Educational Endowment Fund
  • STAR Foundation*
  • Bishop's Tuition Assistance Program
  • Harry and Joan Shea Memorial Scholarship
  • Tramontano Scholarship*
  • GECAC Scholarship*
  • Blessed Sacrament Advancement Scholarship
  • Ellen Curry Foundation
  • Andrew & Rose Agostini Memorial Scholarship
  • Sciamanda Memorial Scholarship

Blessed Sacrament Preschool

  • Children's Scholarship Fund*
  • STAR Foundation*
  • Barber Center*

*EITC Funds (PA business tax credit)

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Tuition Assistance Overview and FAQs (PDF) tuition_overview.pdf 3/10/19 693.03 KB Details


The Catholic School Tuition Assistance Programs are designed to provide tuition aid for students enrolled in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Erie. The following information will familiarize you with these programs and answer many of your questions.