Scholarship Applications

Title Filename Date Posted Size Description
Tuition Assistance Overview and FAQs (PDF) tuition_overview.pdf 3/10/19 693.03 KB The Catholic School Tuition Assistance Programs are designed to provide tuition aid for students enrolled in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Erie. The following information will familiarize you with these programs and answer many of your questions.

School Documents

Title Filename Date Posted Size Description
2020-2021 ECSS Calendar Parent copy.pdf 2020-2021_ECSS_Calendar_Parent_copy.pdf 8/27/20 468.70 KB
Before-Aftercare Rates 2020-2021.doc Before-Aftercare_Rates_2020-2021.doc 10/14/20 88.00 KB
EZSchoolPay How To Guide.pdf EZSchoolPay_How_To_Guide.pdf 1/24/18 660.40 KB
EZSchoolPay Registration.pdf EZSchoolPay_Registration.pdf 1/24/18 526.67 KB
Parking lot.pdf Parking_lot.pdf 1/24/18 17.72 KB

Athletic Forms and Schedules

Title Filename Date Posted Size Description
athletics_eligibility.pdf athletics_eligibility.pdf 1/24/18 58.92 KB

Cafeteria Menus and Information

Title Filename Date Posted Size Description
Aug Sept Breakfast Menu 2020.pdf Aug_Sept_Breakfast_Menu_2020.pdf 8/27/20 186.70 KB
DecemberLunchMenu2020.pdf DecemberLunchMenu2020.pdf 12/1/20 488.69 KB
January Lunch Menu 2021.pdf January_Lunch_Menu_2021.pdf 1/21/21 352.04 KB
Lunch Menu Aug-Sept 2020.pdf Lunch_Menu_Aug-Sept_2020.pdf 8/27/20 531.87 KB
November2020menu.pdf November2020menu.pdf 11/2/20 211.46 KB
October 2020 Menu2.pdf October_2020_Menu2.pdf 9/29/20 244.47 KB