Students in Pre-K through 5th grade receive weekly music classes that include a well-rounded variety of music skills. Students focus on various aspects of music including reading rhythm and melody, singing and other performance skills, movement, history, music appreciation, getting to know the different genres and styles, and recognizing different instruments by tone. Additionally, 4th and 5th grade students learn to play recorders.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade students get to select general music, chorus, or band. Members of the ensembles participate in weekly rehearsals. Band students also have small group lessons on alternate Fridays. There are two performances a year given by the chorus and bands.

Students in band work on learning music notes and scales while incorporating various playing techniques. There are numerous school owned instruments, while others will need to be rented from an outside source. Students can choose from the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.

Chorus students sing a variety of music from religious to pop classics and newer works. 6-8 grade sing together and as individual grades.

General music students continue on from what they learned in earlier grades, expanding their music vocabulary and general music knowledge.