Pre 2




Preschool student matching candy hearts to letters of the alphabet

Pre 3

The Blessed Sacrament Pre 3 program provides the opportunity for young children to learn and interact in a positive, nuturing, Christ centered environment. Preschoolers are encouraged to be active learners as they engage in a variety of child-centered, teacher guided learning experiences including: sensory activities, music and movement, stories, songs, art and craft activities, math, literacy, and STREAM concept centers, along with interest area play. Fine motor, gross motor, social skills, and verbal and language development are an integral part of each day. 


Pre 4

In Pre 4, we provide a quality early childhood education by using evidence-based practices. Our curriculum fosters whole-child growth and encourages children to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically. In our classroom, each week we have a unique theme and focus on a letter. Everyday we incorporate gross motor, fine motor, art, dramatic play, music, science, math, and literacy activites. Everyday we have a different special including computer, music, art, library, or gym. Each month we have a special author that we focus on. Every month, each student gets a special day when they get to bring in show and tell. They also get to "run" our classroom morning meeting and be our line leader. Each month we have special events and activities to make learning fun! Our classroom goal is to make our students prepared for kindergarten and we strive to have every student succeed!




Our Pre-K program at Blessed Sacrament is a five day, all day program for students who are four and a half years old or have had Pre-4 experience and need another year to prepare for their Kindergarten experience.

In our Pre-K classroom we focus on our Language Arts with the help of the SuperKids program. Our Math program introduces graphing, comparing and contrasting, counting and recognizing numbers up to twenty and beginning simple addition.

Students participate in our special classes of gym, art, music, computer, and library. Some of our special events include Pajama Day, Prince and Princess Day, Game Day, and celebrations for all of our special holidays.

Each day brings a new, fun time to spend learning about others, ourselves and Jesus. Our Religion Program focuses on our friendship with Jesus and the saints he has given us as a good examples. Pre-K is a fun year for growing and learning at Blessed Sacrament School!