The Erie Catholic School System uses the ACT Aspire as our primary means of standardized testing. The ACT Aspire is given to students in grades 3-8 and will replace the Terra Nova tests which were traditionally given in the fall. We are especially excited to have the opportunity to use this tool because the ACT Aspire does not limit the understanding of student progress to assessment opportunities available only at the completion of the year. Instead, it also includes optional Periodic Assessments in the form of Interim and Classroom configurations.


The Periodic Assessments are short-duration, highly revealing assessments designed to produce snapshots of each learner’s achievement at intervals throughout the academic year. They are ideal for acknowledging that a learner’s progress is at pace for success with the Summative assessment at the conclusion of the year. They are equally ideal for identifying when a learner may require critical, corrective re-teaching to develop the essential skills that will be measured by the Summative assessment given in the spring.


ACT Aspire is given to each student electronically producing data that will help teachers make informed instructional decisions within 24 hours of test completion. These interim assessments will be given 2-4 times throughout the year, and will be given in Math, Reading, English and Science.