A Patron Saint for Erie Catholic




Like our Catholic faith, Erie Catholic is at once both new and old. OLD in that through our six schools, we are continuing the educational mission that started in them since their foundation years ago. We are not changing our name; we remain Erie Catholic. We are not changing the patrons or names of any of our schools; we remain committed to:


·         reverencing Christ in the Blessed Sacrament;

·         honoring His Mother under the title Our Lady of Peace

·         calling upon our patrons St. George, St. James, St. Jude and St. Luke

·         asking our Diocesan patron, St. Patrick, for assistance

·         and celebrating our parish patrons and patronesses.


Yet, we are NEW! We are a new educational Family, less than a year old, working together toward a new mission. As each of our parishes and schools did at their inception, we are choosing a special advocate to support our mission, which is:


The Erie Catholic School System,

in collaboration with the Diocese of Erie

and in partnership with family and community,

maximizes every child’s

academic and spiritual potential

through engaging learning experiences

and the gospel values of Jesus Christ,

in a welcoming and safe environment.


And since our mission is carried out in partnership with family and community, we are asking you to help us choose a Patron Saint.


View the candidates here (https://www.eriecatholic.org/about/patron-saints).


Vote here 

Help us choose Erie Catholic’s additional patron Saint, who will join our other patrons to help us fulfill our Mission. Voting ends promptly on Friday, February 2 at 4:00 pm.


Nomination Process


In November 2017, every student from all six campuses participated in nominating over 100 different saint names. They were asked not to nominate any existing patrons of diocesan schools or the local parishes since our intention is to have an additional patron saint. The senior administration of Erie Catholic then narrowed the list to 12 candidates based on how closely the lives of the saints exemplified various aspects of our Mission and Vision statements.


Based on a simplified biography of each of the saints, our Middle School students at each school have studied and made presentations on the different patron saints to their respective school communities.

Now, during Catholic Schools Week, they will have a chance to individually vote for our new Patron. We are excited that you, too, can help in this wonderful way of bringing the entire extended Erie Catholic Community together to choose the patron of Erie Catholic.


The Patron Saint will be announced soon after the end of Catholic Schools Week.  We look forward to celebrating the new Erie Catholic Patron Saint with the entire community!

If you are not able to vote online, please call our Erie Catholic Office at (814) 806-2423 to register your vote.